Musicians during the Baroque Era

Here are the most famous conposers and instruments players like violin,  trumpet, organ, which are most popular musical instruments in those days.

George Frideric  Handel. He is considered the greatest baroque musician. He is fond of composing Italian symphonies and many more.  Although he is a German, he adopted a British culture and composed many songs for British Baroque music. There are many famous songs for religious conceptbtjat he also composed sucs the “Messiah”

The woman above is a painting during the Baroque period.  Many of the artist are from Italy.

Jojann Sebastian Bach. He is one of the most influential artist during the baroque period. Most people around the world are doing their best to do the same with his bulk symphonies, operas and so on. Of course,  he was a product of the late Baroque ERA.

Antonio Vivaldi. A man od passion in his career as a Baroque Period man.  He is the symbol of Baroque music together with George Handel.  He has also created a long history of music in his time. Religious and secular symphonies have been played through out the world. With his amazing talent, he is being praised by so many people around the world. His more than 230 violin performances are being used in many kinds of events even to this very day. The British parties are using his most famous violin “The Four Seasons”. Amazingly,  he is one of the musicians that can not be forgotten in the history of violin and opera.