The Baroque Music

In every part of the world, music has always been a part of everyone’s life. It can never be neglected because it gives life to a gloomy mood.  There are different genres of music such as country, rock, classical or pop music. What about the baroque music? Music is an art. In the Western countries, baroque music is very popular.  It is regarded as one of the greatest music art.

There are main characteristics of baroque music. One of which is that the mood throughout the entire piece is only one. Also,the modes are replaced by the major or minor key systems. In addition, this music genre was influenced by the classical music.

In the history of this baroque music, it actually originated from Western Europe. People these days may not appreciate this music. However, during the baroque period or era, it was very popular. You might be familiar with the Renaissance and Classical music era. In these era of music, there are popular musicians. What about during the Baroque era?

Surely, there are many musicians who are expert in this music genre like Johann Sebastian Bach, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, and Jean-Philippe Rameau. It was being performed in solo and also with accompaniment. There are also concerts wherein this music is being played. Did you know where the term “baroque” came from? It was from the Portuguese term barroco.

This term means misshapen pearl. The baroque music is divided into three such as the early baroque music, middle baroque music, and late baroque music. There are also famous composers of this music.